A collaborative meeting bringing together great minds from the WGEA, WGSA, and WOSR to advance physician training through...


Developing, cultivating and committing the resources necessary for long-term success.


Creating a culture and climate that values diverse experiences and perspectives.


Encouraging an educational community that supports discovery and evidence-based approaches.


Fostering an environment that values forward thinking and creative solutions.

about the theme

For this conference, we wanted to focus on the benefits of collaboration among Admissions, Student Affairs, and Medical Education. The theme, "Going All In," is a call to highlight work from across the Western Region where our groups have come together to create a student experience that reflects commitment to inclusion, inquiry, and innovation, as well as an investment in our students' current and future success.

about the host

For nearly 50 years the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine has prepared physicians who are leading the way to better health for Nevada, the nation and the world. More than 1,800 M.D. graduates have received advanced education to provide the best in service to the fields of primary and specialty care, as well as medical research. The School of Medicine has a statewide outreach but a local touch providing patient care, offering health services and training physicians in Reno, Nevada and the State's rural communities.